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167217B - 7500KG Mobile Column Lifting DC type with communication cables

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Product Description


  • User-friendly operation through selector buttons on master controller for indicual, paired and synchronized operation
  • SIEMENS PLC and Electro-Optical rotating encoder provide continuous sychronization of all columns
  • Real time diagnostic
  • LCD screen with keyboard offers easy to read visuals of multiple settings and lifting height
  • Communication cables retractable to reels are optional for easy connect and disconnection
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic system and large carriage bearing provide durable, fast and easy lifting
  • Adjustable lifting forks accommodate the wider range of wheels without wheel reducer sleeves
  • Heavy-duty pallet jack allows easy movement of the columns
  • Indepedent mechanical locking system
  • Emergency swithc and DC power switch on each column provide high safety assurance
  • Each column initial lifting height is programmable by the operatior according to site ceiling height
  • Operation measuring system is convertable between imperial and metric system
  • Optional:  Communication cables retractable to reels for easy connect and disconnection
  • Optional:  Heavy-duty Jack Stands available


  • Lifting Height: 1700mm
  • Lifting Capacity:  7500 kg (each column)
  • Lifting/lowering time at rated load:  100/60 sec
  • Max. floor surface pressure:  3200kg
  • Height overall:  2250mm
  • Width overall:  1120mm
  • Max. distance between liften columns:  9000mm
  • Clearance from fork to colum:  330mm
  • Column internconnection cable length:  12000,,x3pcs (4 untis/set)
  • Power:  24xDC
  • Net weight:  700kg
  • Gross weight:  700kg